Last updated 28 Jan 2001
Psion Luach - Jewish Calendar

Screen shots - SIBO version

Basic 'Daily Information' screen. This can be used to do date conversions.

Shabbat timetable. For this I have added a new location into the World database, called "London North West", with the co-ordinates of Golders Green. This makes the times line up with those published by the London Beth Din.

Multi-year list of Chagim.

The next three screenshots are self-explanatory.

Agenda Screenshots
Here's how your Agenda will look with Luach's automatically-generated entries in it.

A normal week, as shown on the Siena. It shows each day labelled, times of shabbat, sidrah & haftarah of the week, a Yahrzeit and a Hebrew Anniversary. Note that I have renamed the location "LonNW" to save space on the smaller screen.

The week before Pesach 1998.

The week of Rosh Hashanah 1998. Note that here, only Chagim have descriptive labels.