Last updated 28 Jan 2001
Psion Luach - Jewish Calendar

Screen shots - EPOC version

Basic 'Daily Information' screen. This can be used to do date conversions.

Shabbat timetable. For this I have added a new location into the World database, called "London NW", with the co-ordinates of Golders Green. This makes the times line up with those published by the London Beth Din.

Multi-year list of Chagim.

The next three screenshots are self-explanatory.

This is the main settings screen, where you can set your location and various halachic preferences.

Agenda Screenshots
Here's how your Agenda will look with Luach's automatically-generated entries in it.

The week of Rosh Hashana 2001/5762. Note the entries for festivals and fasts, in & out times for London NW, and the sidrah & haftarah of the week.

An ordinary week, showing a yahrzeit and shabbat mevarchim, each with a special symbol for the year view.